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Project Overview

AmplifyME specialises in providing finance simulation technology, and practical training to the world’s largest investment banks, asset managers, hedge funds, and quantitative trading firms.

The challenge

AmplifyME approached Serendipity Int to improve its lead generation for the summer internship program and its flagship finance simulator, Finance Accelerator. In addition they needed help with overspending on their paid campaigns and to improve conversions. The company sought a comprehensive 360 audit of their account and ongoing management of their paid campaigns.

As a result of the positive progress on the paid advertising front, AmplifyME wanted Serendipity Int to look at improving its SEO and grow its organic rankings. They wanted to increase their visibility for targeted keywords relating to their financial graduate programs, finance simulations, and internship opportunities.

The goal was to attract more relevant traffic to their website, improve engagement, and ultimately increase conversions for their summer internship program and Finance simulator.

The approach

We conducted a comprehensive audit of AmplifyME’s paid advertising campaigns to identify areas for improvement and optimisation. We analysed the entire account across search, display, and remarketing on both Google and Facebook, LinkedIn platforms.

We identified that the bidding strategy was incorrect, the wrong types of keywords were being targeted, the targeting was not precise, remarketing tags were not in place, and conversions were not set up or being tracked.

Due to the challenges, Amplifyme faced with their previous paid search structure, we started with a complete overhaul of the account.

To address these issues, we adopted a phased approach to make it easier for the client to manage the changes. We carried out several branch samples of restructuring as part of this strategy and created a new structure that isolated each target area into its own campaign. This allowed us to allocate a monthly budget to each area separately and more efficiently.

We reviewed the daily budget tracker data to identify performance improvements and conduct regular A/B experiments to trial different landing pages and ad copy across various target areas. This approach has resulted in significant improvements in performance and ROI for Amplifyme’s paid search campaigns.

We achieved and maintained performance on the account by identifying opportunities and making incremental changes to capture them. As we started to see our efforts directly impacting leads, we based our approach on regular data analysis, A/B testing, and experimentation to ensure continuous improvement and maintain best practices throughout the site.

The main objective of the SEO project was to enhance organic visibility throughout the user funnel for the product and create demand.

The project began with comprehensive keyword research, grouping over 10,000 keywords into thematic categories to identify potential opportunities and gaps for optimisation in the marketing funnel. We targeted multiple audiences, including students and financial institutions seeking technology solutions, with the aim of covering the entire organic search funnel.

Next, a comprehensive technical audit was performed on both the main website and the blog to identify and address the technical issues that were affecting the website. To develop a user-focused content strategy, the team used the opportunities and gaps discovered during keyword research and competitor analysis. The strategy included optimising existing content assets on the blog, and introducing new aspirational level content to capture top, and middle of the funnel.