To make your site stand out from the competition is it important that your SEO is on-point, as it is search engine optimization that will help your site surge ahead. Another benefit of good SEO is that it helps cut the costs for PPC, while eliminating duplicate content by creating unique title tags. This enables your pages to reach more potential customers. Using the 5 five tips given below you can increase your keywords online visibility and SERP rankings and generally ramp up your SEO strategy for a powerful impact.

Easy Site navigation

Without proper navigation, visitors to your site will have a confusing and not very enjoyable user experience. This affects your sales. For a great user experience that would convert into a sale, it is better if your site is easy to browse. Everything should be categorized and coordinated properly, for easy navigation and maximum effect.
Use images to best potential
Images on their own are a great way to capture the attention of a would-be customer. Product images can also add extra keyword value to the pages when utilised properly with proper SEO techniques. Be sure to categorise your images correctly, to improve your rankings and be placed in Google image searches. Adopt simple techniques such as not using hyphens when naming your product files. They become more relevant, so that your images are more likely to be identified and ranked by search engines.

Use unique SEO titles

Unique SEO title tags are very important, they make a difference. They inform, in most cases, search engines on what your pages are about. This information is used by the search engines to include your product pages when a relevant search is done. According to Google its best to avoid using vague titles or default titles for all pages. It is also better to avoid using single titles for all pages or using unhelpful and lengthy titles.
Instead, a good formula to use is to create brief but descriptive tiles which are unique and accurately describe your page content. Techniques like adding details such as colour and model size can make a huge different to the effectiveness of the title.

No duplicate content

It maybe difficult, but you should avoid duplicate content. For a successful SEO strategy, there cannot be duplicate content, as according to Moz ‘search engines will rarely show multiple versions of the same content’. It causes your rankings to suffer which results in traffic losses to your site. By identifying where you have duplicate content on your site, you can start remedial actions. It is the best way to increase your online visibility.

Allow reviews and ratings

Gain a competitive edge by allowing ratings and reviews of your products, by using “Schema” on your site’s content. This helps search engines interpret your site’s content better, which in turn helps boost your SEO performance.