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Wondering why you have not achieved the results you hoped for from your website? Have organic search results let you down? We are here to help you find answers to all your SEO related queries and stumbling points. Simply submit your details for the Free SEO audit request and we will get back to you soon. This service does not require any of your financial details. We simply want to help you understand what’s under the bonnet.

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Our Approach

The secret to high performing, SEO friendly sites are a stable foundation and good architecture. This can be determined through an extensive audit and in-depth analysis. Through detailed examination and through years of expertise within the industry we interpret your data to create actionable plan that will work within the parameters and budgets set out by you. We make sure that your story is understood by search engines and look to connect the all-important customer through their searches. Digital marketing intelligence helps you become easily discoverable to your audience and achieve better-informed outcomes that do not dwindle. It is the science that elevates you on search engines and enables you to become accessible to the people who need you when they need you. We do just that with intelligence-guided data and tested optimising techniques.

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What our clients say

We are thrilled with the results they got us and their professionalism, quality of the work, development capabilities and as a full service digital agency.
Amol Kshatriya
We’ve been using The services of Serendipity for the past ten years. Their professionalism and insights into innovating solutions has helped us get to where we are today.
Nabeel Shariff
Serendipity demonstrate a high level of professionalism and have a wealth of expertise which has helped us to build credibility, authority and awareness of the services we offer. Our businesses have grown enormously over the last few years with the assistance of their services.
Dr Deepika Rodrigo

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an SEO Audit?

It is an in-depth examination of the functions of a website to gather precision information and data to analyse how to improve its organic search results. SEO audits are usually carried out by professional SEO consultants by using specialised tools.

How is this different from a free SEO audit tool?

The best comparison is like getting your car looked at by a road side assistant or to use your local dealer to give it good once over. The free tools you find online do only the bare minimum technical analysis, which does not give you the full picture of the actual problems. SEO is more than just colourful metrics; it permeates the entire “big picture” of your business, every little piece of it. Our professional SEO audits are done by specialists who can offer insightful and valuable information that can change your marketing decisions. It is a well-researched action plan that can drive organic search results. We examine every critical component of an SEO audit, including competitor evaluation, content evaluation, on-page optimisation, link analysis, indexing and crawling, keyword analysis, accessibility, site architectonics, and strategy.

Why should you consider an SEO audit

There are several reasons to look out for or issues you may have noticed.

  1. A noticeable reduction in organic traffic after a development such as website redesign or revamp, rebrand, site migration, consolidation, or a link change. 
  2. Your website content may not be up to date and keywords may not have been reviewed or dated. 
  3. An accumulation of ‘technical debt’ is making your site perform poorly. Plugins you choose and technical manoeuver and tools deployed on your site, whether active or inactive, can be cancelling out each other’s efficacy and obstructing user interface, search engine bots, and servers. 
  4. Lack of original content. Content duplication leads to over indexation, and subsequently loss of page authority. When this happens, the probability of users finding your content on search engines goes down. 
  5. Your site isn’t mobile-friendly. More people are using mobile devices for digital consumption, and if you don’t have a digital platform that easily accommodates that Google will lower your keyword rankings based on poor user satisfaction. You will experience a climbing bounce rate, not to mention an outflow of customers from your site. 
  6. Establishing yourself as an authority in your enterprise, industry, business, and area of expertise is essential in forming trust among users. Broken links – outbound, inbound, or internal can damage this reputation. 
  7. You are not abiding by the code of conduct. Google’s Webmaster Guidelines decide who gets to the top and who does not. If you do not adhere, you will risk sliding down in your rankings and find it harder to be discovered in search results.  
  8. Is your content open to all? If you have any hidden or blocked content that search engines are unable to index, users are not going to find you. 

How often should you get an SEO audit?

Like a car MOT an SEO audit is needs to be done regularly. This will make sure you get the best out of your web site and it performs in line with your expectations. This will depend further on your sites content, traffic volume and functionality. However, all sites can benefit from audits performed once or twice a year. If you are in doubt whether your site needs an SEO audit, check whether two or more of the following apply to you. If it’s a YES, make SEO audits a general requirement in your digital strategy.

  • You are dealing with a fast-paced industry with abundant online activity
  • You have multiple competitors who are vying for the same customers and users
  • Your website carries constantly evolving content 
  • The code on your site repeatedly changes 
  • There are several contributors to your site 

What will we be analysing?

Our analysis looks at every aspect of your website – technical, on-page, off-page, and content. Your site loading speed, code, and broken links determine the accessibility and indexability. An on-page analysis shows the effectiveness of your meta tags, schema, and headings, while off-page analysis indicates link quality and authority. Duplicity, thematic relevance, and word count are examined during content analysis to make sure you are creating content that search engines love to show.

What are the benefits of an SEO audit?

First and foremost, you gain crucial knowledge of the inner workings of your website. Without this knowledge, you cannot make the right changes that bring about desired results. Technical insight can show where you were going wrong with your website’s mechanisms. You can fix the issues that were hindering your site performance and direct traffic that were getting past your site. You can create a timely user-friendly experience that will boost your search engine ranking. User experiences determine how search engines treat you. It will help you decide how to generate and present your content. You will be guided in creating SEO friendly content that drives engagement and more user volumes. Your targeted keywords will see better rankings, and organic search traffic to your site will increase. You will see an improved conversion rate generated by leads and online sales. A low-maintenance cost that does not require a surge of investment due to not complying with search engine updates. It offers a clear picture of your backlink profile. You get to see how the world sees you through search engines.