SEO trends are constantly evolving meeting with new requirements and setting new bars to be met in order for a brand to gain online recognition. SEO is dynamic, constantly in motion and as such trends too change depending on the requirements of the new consumer, whose needs too are ever evolving. Here, are some of the biggest SEO trends in 2019 that have reached the forefront, so far.

Mobile-first indexing
This trend is still in its relative infancy and changing as it goes. Mobil-first indexing, put simply, means that Google uses the mobile version of your page for indexing and ranking. While it is still not a separate index, mobile versions are steadily becoming the primary source for ranking which means that mobile-friendly websites are now imperative. Started back in March 2018, the process of migrating sites to mobile-first index is well on its way, meaning that Google will definitely be using the mobile versions for ranking once the sites are migrated. This ensures that users have a better experience on their mobile devices, encouraging the development of better mobile websites. Fast, easy to navigate mobile websites seem to be the way forward, based on Google’s past behaviour.

Voice Search
Consumers are increasingly using voice searches to source information, thanks mostly to the popularity of ‘smart speaker’ devices such as Google Home, Amazon’s Echo and Apple’s new HomePod. These devices have made voice search the norm rather than not, which is why the voice search trend has grown rapidly and seems poised to stay. This results in a seismic shift in SEO and being prepared and optimising your site means being at the top of the game and staying ahead of the competition. Even though SEO is constantly changing and never static, voice search is a change that is completely different, requiring a whole new optimisation strategy.

The growth of Amazon Search Optimisation
Believe it or not, Amazon Search is actually competing with Google. Even though it may seem like fiction, predictions for the coming year are for a huge growth in Amazon Search Optimisation. This is because more and more Amazon shoppers use the site to find products initially. Thereafter, they may move onto other sties to do more in depth research. Amazon fulfils their purchasing decision making needs, making it quite unnecessary for shoppers to search elsewhere, as it provides similar product suggestions, product reviews and other products as well. This Amazon Search Optimisation trend will have a huge impact on Google and Google Ads, if fewer people google for products. Advertising and revenue will be impacted greatly.

Blockchain Technology
Though originally devised for the Bitcoin, the digital currently, this popular technology has today found other potential users. Very simply, Blockchain works to create a secure and trustworthy record of transactions, by allowing digital information to be distributed but not copied. It has created the backbone for a new type of internet, as it can verify whether every user is who they say they are, with 100% accuracy. Blockchain will help towards reducing online ads fraud, which will have an impact on SEO in general. Many large companies such as Microsoft, have already started collaborating with blockchain based identity systems to improve their apps and services.

Brand as a ranking signal
For improved Search Visibility, building better Brand Signals is imperative. Online branding has over the years become a very important component of SEO, as brand signals, as a search ranking factor, make it easier for search engines to determine a website’s authenticity and authority. Thanks to unlinked brand mentions, a search engine understands that your brand is an entity, allowing Google to get a better and clearer picture of your authority in a particular field. Brand mentions have a noteworthy impact on a site’s ranking. These links should be organic and not manipulative to affect rankings positively.

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