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The point of SEO is to generate leads that turn into revenue. We give you the chance to see it happen for you. Our credibility is in our actions, and before we enter into any long-term partnership, you deserve to see our expertise in action. We build digital roadmaps with forensically interpreted data science, strategic thinking, and financial return focus that entirely remove throwing spaghetti on the walls. You know the drill; now let us show you how it gets done.

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Our Approach

Organic, sustainable, and genuine – we use a holistic digital approach designed to thrive in fierce competition. Organic search leads to organic revenue, and that doesn’t happen without organic strategies. We devise our bespoke strategies with keyword research, SERP and PPC analysis, and market intelligence. Data is the linchpin of digital marketing, and although many see the numbers, few know what to do with them. We gather meaningful data insights that steer decisions leading to exceptional growth. Our on-page SEO, technical SEO, and off-page link building strategies are always reshaping and refreshing with the ever-changing search engine algorithms. We do not let proxy metrics distract us; we care more about the numbers you care about. We do not reduce your brand’s success to rankings, link numbers, or proprietary link scoring systems – a highly-active ROI is our endgame.

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What our clients say

We are thrilled with the results they got us and their professionalism, quality of the work, development capabilities and as a full service digital agency.
Amol Kshatriya
We’ve been using The services of Serendipity for the past ten years. Their professionalism and insights into innovating solutions has helped us get to where we are today.
Nabeel Shariff
Serendipity demonstrate a high level of professionalism and have a wealth of expertise which has helped us to build credibility, authority and awareness of the services we offer. Our businesses have grown enormously over the last few years with the assistance of their services.
Dr Deepika Rodrigo

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Does this free digital roadmap come with any commitment?

No. It is a no-obligation offer to showcase the potential of a digital roadmap for SEO to give brands top-of-the-class direction to accelerate growth. Actions speak louder than words. It helps us, too, to accurately display our approach in action.

Organic search resulting from SEO brings revenue generation – this is a fact in digital marketing. However, not all businesses and brands get it right because knowing what to do isn’t the same as knowing how to do it. If your digital performance is not producing the desired ROI, then your SEO attempts have gone astray. We work to deliver meaningful change that will drive up your ROI and keep it there, enabling leverage at every algorithm cycle.

When will I see results?

SEO is not instant, and organic growth takes at least three months to show significant results. And, the results can only come from a blueprint of a rock-solid game plan. A well-thought-out digital roadmap is the bedrock of all good SEO. It enables every stakeholder and member of your digital marketing team to work towards the same goals in unison. It is the most effective methodology to make outstanding decisions, gain SERP momentum and position your brand for growth in visibility, as well as ROI. This meticulously deliberated roadmap offers direction that omits pitfalls and recognises opportunities. It is the manual for your SEO, and it outlasts SEO campaigns and provides strategic oversight to your future digital marketing tactics.

Our SEO specialists work with you on actionable roadmaps you can incorporate into your internal digital marketing plan. Even if you choose not to continue to work with us, you will see for yourself how our digital roadmap paves the way for making the right decisions based on industry-leading expertise, proprietary tooling, technical knowledge, and scalable data insight.

Can I continue to get the same services?

Once the free roadmap is delivered, you can always come on board as one of our regular clients. We provide you with a personalised quote and a breakdown of our fees. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions in SEO; therefore, our specialists create bespoke strategies for each business. You will receive an easy-to-understand monthly report on all our campaigns and their results with future recommendations.

What if I no longer want the Free Roadmap under construction?

Let us know you changed your mind by getting in touch with us, and we will take you off our SEO projects. We will not ask awkward questions, but you can always choose to give your reasons for opting out.

Additional questions?

Please call us on +44 (0) 20 7998 8830 or email for any additional questions.