These are strange times. We did not expect a global catastrophe like Covid-19. But, it’s here, and it’s changing the world.

Businesses have had to go into risk management mode, fearing the economic downfall. Companies are cutting costs and reducing investment to offset against uncertainty. SEO investments can take months to start sprouting their intended benefits. As it happens, investment decisions you make now can have a colossal impact in the future, when the world recovers from Covid-19.

By utilising the time made available to you now, you have great potential to create great content, digitally and otherwise. And, with these tips you can speed up your SEO now so, you don’t have to worry about falling behind in search engine ranks when businesses jumpstart their digital marketing.

What’s trending?

Covid-19 related content is overwhelming the internet, and you will be competing with many others who are targeting the same keywords. Therefore, broaden your content with topics that cover every area, not just your niche. Life under lockdown has created opportunities for DIY themed content, stay-at-home tags, and ‘virtual’ ideas that are helpful across the board. Now is the time to utilise online consultations, shopping, e-learning, and virtual designs. This way, you can dominate these keywords and show up first when people search for them. Explore all time-relevant trending topics and expand your reach.

Revamp your existing content

You might have previously published in your website or blog content relevant to current times. A little bit of editing and adding new info can renew it for a re-publish that can garner a new interest among readers. It is possible to secure a featured snippet with even a little bit of re-styling and updating. Try to provide concise answers to specific questions that are in demand at the moment. A useful FAQ will not go unnoticed by Google, and you will have a chance of securing a spot on the first-page ranking. Add segments to the content and make it look as informative as possible.

The short for the long

A keyword search helps you find trending topics and themes, remember? These question-style queries have a low-search volume, but they have a higher combined search volume. They also have little competition, and that means the potential to corner the market. Integrate these long-tail queries into short-form content to generate new material.

Local SEO strategies for SMBs

Businesses have stepped up their services to accommodate customer needs during Covid-19. Deliveries are now a default service for most businesses. And, Google My Business takes note of these. If you are offering any new services due to Covid-19, make them visible on your GMB profile immediately. Details can make a difference. Even if you are not operating during this time, make use of special features available to your page so your customers will not lose sight of you altogether. Explore different options, statuses, and attributes relevant to your company by browsing related categories. You can include specific features and details to your business name or ‘About’ section if they are unspecified in the options. Use your GMB page to signal to your customers that your online presence is an active one, and you are making the necessary changes as the situation progresses.

Learn to E-A-T

Google and SEO formulae decide how you have fared on Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. The more you demonstrate these attributes, the more approval you receive from search engines and SEO appraisal. Accuracy leads to Expertise, quality of your content gives you Trustworthiness, and a well-received reputation results in Trust. These are the hallmarks of establishing legitimacy on the internet. It is the future of SEO, and adhering to EAT is a surefire way of getting ahead in rankings.

The dedicated Covid-19 page

If you are a company that navigates through the pandemic and your services have changed in line with guidelines to fulfill the needs of your customers, it is fair to assume users will need more clarity. And, if your business has temporarily closed down or shifted from its main objectives and re-arranged to provide alternative solutions, you still need to explain the shift in gears to customers. It is where a dedicated Covid-19 page and statement become necessary.

You can start with your response to the pandemic and give details on how your business operations have changed regard to the current situation. Show that you behave responsibly.  An FAQ can organise the structure of the information you provide. Include long-tail and short-tail keywords backed by centralised information to help with search results. When individual pages start appearing in keyword results, use related internal links. It helps your rank to gain momentum and advance in search visibility.

Visuals are a pull

Video content has a natural attraction. When you run out of text-based content ideas, informative videos can come to the rescue. Supported by SEO data, you can find the most important topics you can cover with your video. Top of the Funnel or ToFu marketing can reach the maximum known and unknown audiences, and videos are a successful way of bringing awareness of your brand to them in the most effective way.

Go digital with PR

PR on the digital stage should be about maximum discoverability by search engines and users. Your SEO link building campaigns must have high-value digital outreach across all platforms and the web. Influencer collaborations and mentions can also help people get to know your products and services and push your brand further into the spotlight. Digital PR creates a buzz and visibility that spreads useful knowledge about your business and makes it accessible to all.

The concluding remark

It is time to make use of the lull in the pace and start using SEO capabilities to your advantage. Start with what you already have. Spruce it up. Use simple strategies, then move on to the bigger game plan that can give you long-term results. So, you will be ahead of your competition when Covid-19 no longer dictates our world.