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Project Overview

itsu Grocery Ltd is a British company that specialises in producing and selling Asian-inspired cuisine through its grocery range. The company’s products include soups, noodles, salads, sushi, sauces, and snacks, among others, and are very popular in major UK supermarkets, including Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, M&S, Morrisons, Asda and Tesco.

itsu [grocery] partnered with Serendipity Int to increase overall organic search visibility. After 12 months into the bespoke SEO strategy, Serendipity Int has helped the company increase its monthly traffic by 420% and create a strong and sustainable digital footprint.

The Campaign

To achieve the campaign objectives for itsu Grocery Ltd, Serendipity Int developed a custom-tailored strategy that focused on three main aspects:

Growth-focused content marketing strategy for their products, and recepies
An ongoing technical site improvements, and authority building

The overall goal was to improve organic visibility across the entire user funnel for the products categories, and establish itsu as a national leader in respective categories, and increase visibility for the recipes organically.

We started by conducting extensive keyword research, clustering over 30,000 keywords into thematic categories to identify potential opportunities and gaps to optimise in the marketing funnel.

Next, we performed an extensive technical site audit on both the main site and the blog to identify and address any issues holding the site back. This involved looking at over 130 individual technical and conversion elements and creating a digital roadmap and action plan to address any problems.

To develop a user-focused content strategy, we used the opportunities and gaps identified in the keyword research and competitor analysis. This included ongoing optimisation of existing content assets on the blog, using entity optimisation, structured data, NLP, and media asset amplification to gain a competitive advantage over the competition.

Our team executed a comprehensive link building strategy, focusing on both internal and external link building efforts. Through strategic outreach, we successfully increased the number of quality backlinks to the site, which boosted the site’s overall authority.

Results – SEO

The campaigns carried out by Serendipity Int helped the client reach the following results –¬†

Results – Paid Campaigns

Serendipity Int is also involved in seasonal promotion-focused paid advertising campaigns for the brand, to complement ongoing mainstream campaigns. These campaigns are designed to increase visibility and drive targeted traffic to specific products or services. The ultimate goal of these campaigns is to increase brand visibility and reach critical mass across search, display, and youtube with a strong emphasis on targeting and retargeting based on user behaviour and interests.