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+100% increase in organic search visibility in 6 months

Project Overview

Marvelapp is one of the top digital design platforms that has attracted more than 2 million users and international teams across the world. The platform, known as one of the fastest InVisionApp alternatives, is used by high-profile clients such as BuzzFeed, Monzo and Deliveroo for scalable prototyping, user testing, and developer handoff.

Marvelapp partnered with Serendipity Int to increase overall organic search visibility and conversion rates through organic search. After 6 months into the bespoke SEO strategy, Serendipity Int has helped the company increase its monthly traffic by 100% and create a strong and sustainable digital footprint.

What Stands Out

The Campaign

To meet the campaign objectives, Serendipity Int focused on two main aspects: Growth focused SaaS content marketing strategy and ongoing technical site improvements. Our custom-tailored strategies were centered around improving overall organic visibility across the entire user funnel from awareness, lead generation, retention and engagement. The goal was to provide valuable information, optimise existing content assets throughout the entire sales funnel, identify gaps in the market and gain visibility.

Conducted an extensive large scale keyword research to identify potential opportunities to capitalise on and identify gaps to optimise in the marketing funnel. Out of approximately 80K keywords, we clustered 20K keywords into keyword thematic categories that Marvelapp wants to own visibility.

An extensive technical site audit was conducted on the main marketing site as well as on the blog to find and fix the problems holding the site back. We looked at 130+ individual technical and conversion elements during the audit and put together a digital road map and an action plan to rectify issues.

Successfully migrated the blog to a subdirectory with correct 301 redirects are in place ensuring that all pages were properly indexed.

Fixed structure issues to improve crawl efficiency and click depth.

Developed a customer-focused content strategy based on opportunities and gaps identified through the keyword research and competitor analysis.

On-going optimisation on existing content assets on the blog using entity optimisation, structured data, NLP and media assets amplification to gain a competitive advantage over the competition in terms of advance content level optimisation.

The Results

Serendipity’s SEO campaign has helped the client achieve the following results in 6 months:

Organic impressions and clicks

Page 1 ranking positions

Number of unique keywords

Ranking visibility