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Project Overview

Mouth Dental is a state-of-the-art dental practice with three clinics in London. Mouth Dental provides a wide range of dental and facial aesthetic treatments in oral surgery, endodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, and all general dental treatments.

Mouth Dental partnered with Serendipity Inc. to increase overall organic search visibility, conversions, increase leads, and drive a better ROAS. After 12 months into the tailored SEO strategy, Google Ads, and Facebook campaign, Serendipity Int exceeded the KPIs set out and accelerated Mouth Dental’s overall market share, bookings, revenue and increased the user volumes by over 250% resulting in creating a strong and sustainable digital foundation.

The Campaign

To achieve the campaign objectives set out for Mouth Dental, Serendipity Int. developed a tailored strategy that focused on driving high local awareness, authority and conversions for general dental treatments and new patient bookings.

We carried out an extensive technical site audit on both the main site and the blog to identify and address the on-site issues and implemented a strategic action plan to capture the demand and low-hanging fruit opportunities. This involved looking at over 130 individual technical and conversion elements and creating a digital roadmap and a task list based on priority to improve performance and gain quick wins along the way.

We started by conducting extensive keyword research, clustering over 20,000 keywords into thematic categories to identify potential opportunities and gaps to optimise within the marketing funnel. To tighten the keyword strategy, campaigns were structured based on treatments for each clinic.

The team constantly monitored the online booking slot availability and was able to understand which service needed to be promoted for each clinic; quick measures were then taken to identify monthly treatment campaigns, budget allocations and campaign goals.

Introducing call conversions helped generate a high number of new patient inquiries for all clinics.

Results: SEO

The campaigns carried out by Serendipity Int. helped the client gain the following results:


Results: Paid Campaigns

Serendipity Int. was able to increase Mouth Dental Clinic’s digital presence and increase new patient bookings with a strong local area marketing campaign and call campaigns. 

The practice has seen visible performance improvements and an increased number of new patients from the target locality.

Year over year, new appointment bookings have increased by 35%. We managed to reduce the cost per click by 40%, which resulted in increased web traffic from paid search ads.