It’s not just your problem! Lacklustre conversion rates have 78% of marketers wondering what they are doing wrong. Over 2 trillion searches are performed on Google each year. Organic search produces only 23% of site visits, and only 22% of companies have a decent conversion rate. So, what’s going on?

It all comes down to one simple factor – crowd-pleasing marketing strategy. It’s 2023, and consumers are not lingering in one place if they do not like what they see. Competitors are vying for their attention,   and our attention needs a boost of intrigue to span even seconds. If anything, it’s time your CRO got revamped, backed by these research findings.

1. Add a personal touch because static is a stalemate

Amazon has been doing this for ages and getting results. Suggestions based on browsing history lead to more purchases. Buyers don’t have the time to go through every product you offer, and many products get ignored because they haven’t simply discovered them. 

Personalised recommendations based on previous purchases or browsing history of your visitors help them find products they have otherwise missed or may want to buy. They might find just what they are looking for without having to sift through all the products, and therein lies the satisfaction!

Static content doesn’t serve everyone their cup of tea. Dynamic content does a better job of personalising the user experience. Content that changes based on who visits your website is called dynamic content. Utilising user behaviour & data, and demographics creates a relationship with your audience, not just a commercial exchange. It is your website’s way of communicating with your audience on a personal level. 

Personalised emails & pop-ups, search bars and chat messaging also help create a made-to-measure atmosphere on your website. 

2. Instant – why Ramen is famous

It’s like a handshake. Nobody likes to be left hanging. Immediate replies are gratifying. Brands may not have staff at all times to interact with customers, but they can always have chatbots to prevent radio silence. 

Customer service is a big deal. It is not just a service but reassurance that the brand you choose listens, acknowledges and responds. So, it may not come as a surprise when we tell you that 56% of users unfollow brands due to poor customer service. Chatbots give users the instant replies they need when they need them without delay, whether on social media or the website. 

3. Filling out long forms is nobody’s favourite pastime

The last thing you want to make your customers do is filling out lengthy forms. Forms are valuable tools that give you vital information about your audience that can generate leads. However, they should be short, only asking for essential details. Lengthy forms put users off, and nobody can blame them. It might even give the wrong impression that you are more interested in their personal info than the service you are offering. If you need more information, reach out via their contact details.

4. User-generated content (UGC) does the work for you

Brands should be aware when users post about them. Follow the hashtag to respond when it needs action. Sharing posts from customers through UGC is a way to share positive testimonials of authentic experiences. It’s your brand’s best bona fide on social media. 

UGC does two important things. It shows users sharing their experiences doesn’t get ignored by you and encourages others to try the products and services mentioned by fellow users. Make sure to ask their permission first before sharing.

5. We love a queue but do we love a complicated one?

No, the checkout process should be simple, easy to follow, and have no frills that take up time. Shoppers will abandon their purchases if they are overwhelmed by the number of steps they need to complete. You don’t want to show them unexpected costs at the last stages. These should be upfront and show up at the beginning. Show delivery charges as soon as they put down their postcode. 

All they are trying to do is buy, and all you are trying to do is sell – so, don’t make a meal out of it.

6. Cart abandonment – rescue it with a reminder

Conversion rates increase by 18% after an abandoned cart email. There are many reasons why a user doesn’t finish a checkout. They were at work & suddenly got very busy, distracted, or lost interest. An abandoned cart email is a friendly reminder that they can still complete their order if they want to. You can even include a discount or free shipping to spark their interest again. 45% of abandoned cart emails get opened, so don’t shy away from a reminder.

7. Fast and mobile-optimised – how we shop now

Any website that takes too long to load has already lost customers before it gets to the content – no matter how great it is. 30% of customers abandon their shopping cart if the website loads too slowly. Use Google PageSpeed Insights to see the current load time of your website and any problems you may need to fix.

It is no surprise that 40% of online transactions happen on mobile. So, a mobile-friendly website is critical for CRO. 52% of people are less likely to engage with a company that doesn’t offer a mobile-optimised website. Start with a responsive design that can adapt to smaller screens.

8. Trust signals & perks

Building trust with a money-back guarantee, testimonials from real customers, partnerships with other brands, and memberships is a way to strengthen your credentials as a brand. 

Loyalty rewards and discounts increase conversions. A welcome gift for joining the email list or a freebie for their first purchase entices buyers.

9. The power of visuals

90% of people say videos encourage purchasing decisions. That’s a lot of people. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a 30-sec video is worth. Reading isn’t for everyone, but everyone loves stunning visuals. And putting the words in a video gets the message across to many in no time. You don’t need fancy equipment; your smartphone has the camera quality and capability to make powerful videos.

10. Customer relationship management (CRM) software – next level record keeping

Use these to keep track of interactions with customers or prospects. It is essential software for any business. CRM replaces patching numerous spreadsheets, databases, and apps to track client data. The software consolidates all communications, purchases, documents, and quotes associated with each lead and client. You can monitor prospects as they move through the sales funnel and see when to deliver the information and promotional materials.


If the discovery of penicillin happened today, it would still need a fast-loading, mobile-optimised, chatbot-featured, trust signalling, and video-enabled website to make it popular. Great content isn’t enough anymore. Getting right how, when, and to whom is equally important. 

CRO strategies that evolve with the times and pace of user interactions will improve your conversion rate. And we can help your website pick up the pace. Serendipity is a full-service digital marketing agency that has helped UK and international brands earn more conversions with fresh new CRO strategies that work. Does your conversion rate need optimisation?