Pinterest is a brilliant platform for brands across various industries to enhance their online presence. Apart from its ability to distribute visual content, the platform also provides marketers with several tools and options to run ads and gain audience insight.

What makes the platform such a unique tool for businesses is that its highly engaged audience generally tends to come to the platform for inspiration; whether it is to discover and try new things, find great recipes, create mood boards for life events and so on making it a great place to connect with audiences.

However, while this platform has been around for nearly a decade, most brands are yet to explore its untapped potential. For instance, did you know that Pinterest currently has an active user base of 450 million users worldwide? It is also among the top 10 most popular social media platforms in the UK as of last year.

Read on to find out more as we delve into an extensive list of Pinterest statistics covering usage data, user statistics, demographics and more!

  1. Pinterest ranks #15 among the most popular social media platformsWhile the platform may not be considered a social media giant like Facebook or Instagram, Pinterest still remains one of the most popular platforms worldwide.
  2. Pinterest generated a reported revenue of $877 million in Q4 of 2022Having outperformed its previous quarters, the platform continues to grow its profit and revenue indicating stability and establishing itself as an attractive choice for marketers to invest in for their online strategies.
  3. Pinterest has 450 million monthly active usersApart from attracting nearly half a billion monthly active users, Pinterest is also seeing a steady growth rate of 7.5% year-over-year. It is also one of the fastest-growing platforms behind only Snapchat and LinkedIn
  4. 80% of users say Pinterest makes them feel positiveThe majority of users, 8 in 10, say that Pinterest evokes positive emotion in them as opposed to 3 in 10 when it comes to other more popular platforms.
  5. 85% of users say that Pinterest is where they go to start a new projectFrom DIYs to finding inspiration or instruction manuals, Pinterest is a great place to start planning a new project. Brands can leverage this by creating and sharing Pins relevant to their target segments.
  6. 76.2% of users are women3 in 4 users of Pinterest are women creating an ideal opportunity for brands to target women across various demographics.
  7. Pinterest’s largest target audiences are Millenial women aged 25-34 This accounts for 28.5% of its global audience, while its second-largest audience also includes women who are aged 18-24 making up another 18% of the user base.
  8. ROAS is 32% more on Pinterest in comparison to other platforms/b>Pinterest delivers a significantly higher Return on Ad Spend than other digital platforms, especially in relation to industries such as food, health and beauty.
  9. 5.5 Billion searches occur every month on Pinterest Pinterest is essentially a visual search engine while marketers can use Pinterest SEO to expand their reach through pins, boards, profiles and more.
  10. Pinterest offers a 2.3x more efficient cost per conversionBrands using Pinterest as part of their digital strategy have revealed that Pinterest ads perform 2.3x better than ads on other social platforms.
  11. Pinterest receives 945.3 million monthly visits to the site With nearly a billion monthly visitors Pinterest is one of the most popular sites in the world where users visit the site more than 2+ times per month.
  12. 97% of searches on Pinterest are unbrandedIn other words, users aren’t searching for a specific brand and aren’t showing loyalty to just a single brand. This gives marketers an ideal opportunity to have their products discovered.
  13. Pinterest has one of the longest post lifespansUnlike other social media platforms whose posts’ lifespan is extremely short, sometimes even just a mere hour or two, pins can have a lifespan of six months to a year, keeping posts relevant even months after sharing them.
  14. Pinterest is the 5th most popular social commerce platformBehind only Facebook, Instagram TikTok and Messaging Apps, Pinterest comes with 5th in terms of online shopping via social platforms. This is another brilliant opportunity where businesses can increase audience reach and conversions
  15. 80% of users discover a new brand on Pinterest Pinterest is a great platform for discoverability where 4 in 5 users discover new brands on the platform resulting in a higher likelihood of conversions or at least broadening your reach.
  16. Shoppers spend 2x more on PinterestIn comparison to other social platforms, Pinterest users tend to spend twice as much when shopping. This makes it ideal for brands to promote high-value items whether designer clothes or items such as furniture.
  17. Brands that set up their Pinterest catalogues receive 5x more impressions 
    It is revealed that brands that leverage Pinterest’s social selling tools such as setting up a catalogue are five times more likely to receive impressions on their pins than brands that don’t.

All in all, we think that these stats can be leveraged by brands across various industries to amplify their brand voice among target audiences.

As marketers, how do you plan on incorporating such insights in order to enhance your online strategy? Do you think Pinterest is a good fit for your brand to help achieve your business objectives? Let us know your thoughts!