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We are an Ayurvedic medical based in London. The centre comprises different aspects such as the clinic for the treatment of patients, the institute for teaching and training practitioners and products and a professional association.

Over the last 4 years, our relationship with Serendipity has progressed from developing the institute website to managing 3 projects. Serendipity provide a full digital solution from managing the web site, SEO to maintaining and managing the servers. Our needs are quite specific in that we require a very high level of sensitivity around patient and student data. This is because of the nature of serious disorders that we treat and deal with and the carefully maintained level of trust that our students and patients have in us. This relationship of trust is the most important aspect of all that we do. Serendipity has helped us enormously to maintain this trust in the way that confidential and sensitive data is handled with the highest level of security. They respond quickly to our queries abs provide a highly professional service. In instances such as where there have been problems such as Google changing codes that affected our plug ins, and urgent response was required, they responded immediately to help us out and take remedial action. Serendipity demonstrate a high level of professionalism and have a wealth of expertise which has helped us to build credibility, authority and awareness of the services we offer. Our businesses have grown enormously over the last few years with the assistance of their services. They are also responsible for managing customer data securely on the ecommerce store and managing therapist and student portals. They have expertise in PHP development and UI/UX.

We continue to use their services and rely on them to maintain our overall online presence and to keep us up to date on our use to technology and to create innovative solutions for our ongoing needs as we continue to grow. We highly recommend them and are grateful to their staff behind the scenes who work tirelessly and with great patience and expertise to deliver a professional and reliable service.

Ayurveda Institute UK

We’ve been using The services of Serendipity International for the past ten years. Their professionalism and insights into innovating solutions has helped us get to where we are today. Our flagship brand, rihaala.com has been at the forefront of those projects. Our latest development has meant working with their PHP developers and ui/ux experts to launch a new app to market in 2021.

One of our primary concerns has been the security of data and how it’s handled. To date, we have not had any issues due to control measures in place from the initial architecture, with constant monitoring and realistic improvements provided during and after the deployment.

Overall, our experience has been positive and most importantly We have had a UK based contact on hand to deal with any business critical events or concerns throughout.


Good Design and Build specialises in period house conversion and extensions to 1930s semis. We have been working with Serendipity for well over 3 years now and they look after our website design/development, SEO, google PPC and marketing for well over 3 years now. We are thrilled with the results they got us and their professionalism, quality of the work, development capabilities and as a full service digital agency. Rukshan, Tharanga and the team are always full of innovative ideas, constantly update our web presence and make sure our content is fresh and relevant. They produced a brilliant detailed strategy suited for our business and have gone beyond expectations in implementing it. We have seen our business grow with their support and would recommend them without any hesitation!

Good Design & Build


Openforce is an app based startup platform on a mission to automate hiring for the construction industry. Serendipity are our key strategic partners and have been instrumental in PHP development, sensitive data management and quality assurance. They are committed to confidentiality and the team has been working seamlessly with third party stakeholders to finish multiple development sprints. They have also brought their expertise in marketing and cutting edge technology onboard to boost our launch in order to help us get ahead of the game. Rukshan, Osanda and the team are always bringing new ideas to the table which adds true value to our business. We find it extremely easy working with them as we share the same passion towards an online business. We wish them all the best.