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Good Design and Build

The client reached out to Serendipity Int to increase lead generation and conversion rate through organic search. After 12 months into the SEO strategy, We have helped the company increase its monthly traffic by 260% and create a strong and sustainable digital footprint.

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Results You Can Count On

Traffic and client engagement can surge by up to 257% within the initial three months based on our experience.

289 % GROWTH

Traffic and client engagement can surge by up to 289% within the initial three months, based on our experience.


Up to 368% and more conversions are likely to happen with SEO measures applied to the website.


97% of our clients stay with us for more than 3 years on average, most of them for more than 8 years and longer.

Why should you work with us

Customer engagement focused

It is vital we understand your customer journey and expectations. We study your market to find deep consumer insights that your digital marketing strategy needs.

No lock in contracts

Our ethos and drive is to always outperform expectation. We do not lock you in contracts. We build partnerships on performance and return on investment.

Dedicated Project manager

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager, who you can connect with anytime. You will have direct access to our process, and all our services with progress reports.

We Are Innovative

We strive to be the best. We create, innovate, and explore, so you get to stay ahead of your game, no matter how fast it moves.

Focus on growth

We are determined to see you succeed. We fervently transcend our efforts to deliver the extra that bring you results beyond your expectations.

Transparent Reporting

Every Month, we send you a simplified and detailed report on your business's digital performance. This highlights our work, performance, analytical insights and ROI.

How much does it cost to use Google LSA for solar services providers?

Google Local Services Ads (LSA) for solar service providers offer a budget-friendly payment model where you are billed solely on a per-lead basis. This approach ensures that charges only apply when prospective customers reach out and arrange a service appointment or call for your solar business.

Can I use Google LSA for my solar energy business if I already have a website and other digital marketing channels?

Absolutely, incorporating Google LSA into your solar service's marketing mix can be a strategic move, even if you're utilising other digital channels such as a website, social media platforms, Google Business Profile, or PPC campaigns. Google LSA serves as an additional channel to attract leads and bolster your digital footprint. What sets it apart is its cost-effective pay-per-lead billing approach, which aligns your marketing expenditure with actual potential customer engagements, ensuring that your investment is optimised towards generating actionable leads that complement your existing marketing initiatives.

Can I choose which services to advertise with Google LSA for my solar energy business?

Certainly, Google LSA offers a tailor-made advertising solution for your solar services. You have the autonomy to select the specific services you want to promote and allocate your budget accordingly. This level of customisation ensures that your marketing efforts are directly aligned with your business objectives. Moreover, Google LSA equips you with a suite of analytical tools to track your ads' performance, enabling you to fine-tune your approach for optimal efficiency. This means your advertising budget is invested wisely, ensuring the highest possible return on your investment.

Which digital marketing services are best for the solar industry?

As a solar digital marketing agency, we offer a range of services to help you build your digital roadmap. ✔ SEO consultancy, ✔ SEO Audits, ✔ PPC Management, ✔ Web Design and Development Speak to us and capitalise on your strengths and opportunities to attract more customers to your business.

Get a steady inflow of leads by optimising your digital marketing strategy

Our mission is to elevate your solar business's online visibility, ensuring it garners the attention it deserves. Through targeted digital marketing, we focus on generating leads that funnel potential customers directly to your services. We are committed to seeing your investment yield substantial returns and our strategic approach is designed to align with your long-term business aspirations. Allow us to craft a goal-oriented digital strategy tailored to the solar industry, leveraging our specialised knowledge to propel you ahead of the competition.

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