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Why do you need PWA?

Synthesis of optimised web performance with the characteristics of native apps delivers a seamless user experience with features that double the functionality. By bridging the cross-browser divide, you offer an unimpeded user experience that is faster, secure, and highly responsive. PWA development services are a digital essential for a business to stay modern-day-compatible.

Higher conversion rate
A smooth m-commerce experience improves user engagement and retention for a significant increase in ROI rate.

Behaves like mobile apps
With no device restrictions and no installation requirement, users can pin PWAs to their home screen for easy access. Its app shell architecture enables native interaction and navigation without taking up too much space.

Supported by multiple browsers
The PWA code is written in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript and is supported by all major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Offline Capability
The webpage works in standby mode and operates even when there is no connectivity.

Push Notifications
User engagement and re-engagement stay active with updates and reminders enabled by push notifications. 

SEO conducive
Using Google-favoured Magento PWA gets you higher SERPs. Improved ranking and visibility are fundamental for a high-yielding e-commerce site. 

Unlike native apps, PWAs do not have to be built separately for iOS and Android systems. Developing and maintaining them is much more affordable than native apps. 

As certified specialists in PWA development in London, we have watched the far-reaching changes taking place in website performance with PWA enabled. We have chosen Magento for the right reasons to catalyst PWA development for your storefront.

Our case for Magento 2 for PWA

It has both iOS and Android software approval that expands your traffic and sales.

Faster Page Loading
Instant page loading without the delay of reloading creates a better UX that results in faster user responses.

PWA for Magento works on all screen modes with an app-like UI. Even in full-screen mode, it functions without a URL bar and navigation tools.

Low Data Usage
Due to its offline functionality and less active static assets, your shoppers will see minimal use of their data plan.

If the Shared Catalogue feature is enabled, you can create lists for sharing and prepare custom catalogues for members of specific company accounts.

Magento PWA London is about building conversion optimising websites that redefine mobile and e-commerce. We design a personalised PWA experience for your business to make the most of mobile traffic. Working with local, national, and international brands of all sizes and sectors has earned us the expertise and technical knowledge to deliver feature-rich services with ultra-capability. Our continuous technical support means swift solutions to all your e-commerce issues without interruption to your brand operations. We manage all front-end and back-end PWA development for a full suite digital framework.


Increase in Organic Impressions


Increase in Organic Traffic

Good Design and Build

The client reached out to Serendipity Int to increase lead generation and conversion rate through organic search. After 12 months into the SEO strategy, We have helped the company increase its monthly traffic by 260% and create a strong and sustainable digital footprint.

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Increase in Organic Impressions


Increase in Organic Clicks


Marvel is one of the top digital design platforms that has attracted more than 2 million users and international teams across the world. After 6 months into the bespoke SEO strategy, Serendipity Int has helped the company increase its monthly traffic by 100% and create a strong and sustainable digital footprint.

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Increase in Organic Impressions


Increase in Overall Traffic

Rossano Ferretti

Rossano Ferretti is an award-winning international luxury haircare brand and salon chain which has been operating their own luxury salons globally for more than 30 years. After 12 months into the SEO and CRO strategies, Serendipity Int helped increase the brand’s number of transactions by 68% YoY.

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Increase in Organic Impressions


Increase in Organic Clicks


Essentials is a website dedicated to offering a personalised online experience with exceptional customer service and competitive pricing. After 12 months into a digital marketing strategy, we have helped the company to increase revenue by 883% with more than 2800 1st place organic keywords.

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Why should I invest in Magento PWA?

Mobile devices generate more than half of the world’s total e-commerce sales. To provide a seamlessly engaging m-commerce experience to your customers, merchants, and investors, you need highly responsive technology. Magento PWA creates an exceptional digital architecture for mobile ROI through a high-degree of lead conversion. It also gives you access to developer and maintenance tools.

What makes PWA different from Native Apps?

Native apps need separate versions for iOS and Android platforms, whereas PWA supports both platforms. Native apps have to compete with millions of other apps in the store. Developing mobile apps is an investment that does not necessarily guarantee ROI. Mobile app development also costs more than PWA. With the advantage of single code writing, PWAs work on all browsing platforms. While native apps need building from scratch, PWAs can integrate into your already existing website. Users do not have to download PWAs, unlike native apps, making them more versatile and user-friendly.

How do I turn my Magento 2 Website into a PWA?

Our Magento PWA developer team has the digital know-how to convert your website into a PWA-powered creation deploying the right tools for your website. There are multiple techniques - installing the Magento 2 PWA Extensions to add PWA features to the website, using Magento 2 PWA Studio to develop a PWA storefront, or enabling Magento 2 PWA Theme.

How does PWA enhance the shopping experience?

Mobile traffic is taking over computer-generated traffic. More leads convert through mobile phones than any other devices. PWAs allow customers to enjoy the best of both worlds by letting them use these on their phones as well as desktops. Without the need for downloading or installation that takes up chunks of phone memory space, users can pin the PWA to the home screen and enjoy app-like functionality, even offline. They also do not take up too much data due to their fast loading and rapid functionality.

Can PWAs replace native apps?

Yes, the process has already begun. More business owners favour this model due to its relative cost-effectiveness and enriched user experience. Future websites will only use the PWA framework due to its faster speed, cross-browser acceptability, offline capability, and modern functionality. Simplified construction of PWAs against intricate native app development and cost will soon have PWA outnumber native apps. PWAs UI boosts organic mobile conversions with smooth navigation, performance versatility, browser support, and multi-store scope for a UX that surpasses the mobile app experience.

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